About Us

We are a Brooklyn-based couple creating content focusing on mental health awareness, travel and the LGBTQ+ community.

Hannah grew up in North Carolina where she graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She moved to New York City shortly thereafter and pursued a number of various jobs before landing her dream job of being a full time social media content creator. When she's not working, she's either eating french fries or watching a true crime documentary. 

Alia was born in Mississippi, raised in Alabama, and high schooled in Atlanta, Georgia. After "touring" the south, she moved to New York City at 18 years old to attend an acting conservatory. Alia has lived in NYC for the past 12 years and when she in not in front of the camera either auditioning or taking photos, she stays busy bartending in the evenings. 

The duo currently lives in Bushwick with their little dachshund, Sadie Mae. 


Our Story

We get asked constantly how we met and how hersandhers came to be. Believe it or not, we met through a dating app back in September of 2015. 

 We went on our first date and, as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history! 

Fun fact: we had both never been on a dating app before, so our date was our very first (and last) one. Shortly after, we both deleted the app from our phones but we didn't find that out about each other until several months into our relationship.

We eventually moved in together and starting accumulating a lot of photos of ourselves. Our roommates at the time suggested we start an Instagram together for no other reason than having a place to host all our photos. 

Our page was dormant for nearly a year, when one day we realized there was some potential in taking our Instagram more seriously. Cut to three and a half years later and here you are reading a blurb on our website simply because of beautiful humans like you who supported us from the very beginning. We thank you for being here and we love you immensley. 

With love, H&A 

<3 H&A